Monday, February 1, 2010

Inventor needs help

Got this request on email. Do you think he will be very successful in getting investors?
Why or why not?
To all inventors/inventor groups/invention investors,
My name is Nathan, I am a poor inventor looking for a financial backing. I have hundreds of ideas on paper, but what I don't have is two penny's to rub together to do anything with them. Please keep in mind that I am not interested in joining anything, nor paying for any services. If after reading this you think you can help, or if you know of anyone you think can help please contact me at xxx If anything comes from your contact information I will gladly provide you with a finders fee for your help.
What I'm looking for is a simple, and none negotiable. All patents to be in my name. Ten thousand dollars up front per idea chosen, ( the number of ideas between one and ten to be determined during negotiations, with a couple of hundred ideas to choose from I'm confident that any investor will find at least ten ideas that they like). All funds necessary to take each idea from paper to market.
In return for these conditions the investor will receive fifty percent of my profits from each idea marketed, for the life of that idea.
Anyone interested in investing should know that my ideas have a wide range of fields, from novelties and household goods to outdoor equipment and electronics. You should also know that the first idea I have in mind to market, if presented to the right company in the right way, should net between ten and twenty million dollars just by showing them the prototype.
I thank you for your help,