Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Local Inventors Going To Show Their Stuff to Product Scouts

Hello all iig contacts:
Will be sending this press release out to the news tomorrow.
We hope to represent the club well!

Cedar Rapids, IA July 26, 2010 Iowa Inventors Group is proud to announce that 2 of its members have been asked to present their inventions to a panel of judges next month. The Inventors Club of Kansas City has chosen 19 inventions out of over 100 submitted entries to be presented in front of actual product scouts and judges. Chip Novetzke of Cedar Rapids will present his patent pending invention called the YardStick. Frank Morosky, president of the Iowa Inventors Group, will present his company’s product ( the Universal Deodorizer.

The two inventors will travel to Kansas City in August in hopes of getting an award or product licensing agreement with a major manufacturer. There will be actual product scouts and executives from several companies (Faultless, Garden Weasel, Trapp and BonAmi) looking for products to add to their own list of products. This show was highly selective in the type of products they were looking for. Lawn and garden and cleaning products for retail stores are some of the items on their list of desirable inventions. This is the 5th annual invention show the club has produced. The club can boast that 7 inventions have been licensed due to this show.

This is the first time anyone will see Chips invention. He recently received a provisional patent for his product and he is now working on a prototype to show the judges next month. Chip says about this opportunity; “I am blessed to have this opportunity to show “The YardStick” to companies in this field. I hope my product will become available to anyone that is looking for a faster, easier and most importantly, ergonomically correct way to kill off dandelions or other unwanted plant life in their yards and gardens. I might add that “The YardStick” can also be used to fertilize selective plant life as well.”

Frank Morosky is a seasoned inventor and has presented his product to Billy Mays and to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show a couple years ago. "As inventors, our goal is to capitalize on our ideas and this looks like a golden opportunity for us to make money on our ideas."

The Iowa Inventors Group is an Eastern Iowa resource for all types of inventors. They have monthly meetings to assist inventors develop their ideas. Check out their website which lists other contests and information

Frank Morosky
Iowa Inventors Group
PO Box 10342 Cedar Rapids IA 52410
Club Voice Message line: 206-350-6035

Monday, February 1, 2010

Inventor needs help

Got this request on email. Do you think he will be very successful in getting investors?
Why or why not?
To all inventors/inventor groups/invention investors,
My name is Nathan, I am a poor inventor looking for a financial backing. I have hundreds of ideas on paper, but what I don't have is two penny's to rub together to do anything with them. Please keep in mind that I am not interested in joining anything, nor paying for any services. If after reading this you think you can help, or if you know of anyone you think can help please contact me at xxx If anything comes from your contact information I will gladly provide you with a finders fee for your help.
What I'm looking for is a simple, and none negotiable. All patents to be in my name. Ten thousand dollars up front per idea chosen, ( the number of ideas between one and ten to be determined during negotiations, with a couple of hundred ideas to choose from I'm confident that any investor will find at least ten ideas that they like). All funds necessary to take each idea from paper to market.
In return for these conditions the investor will receive fifty percent of my profits from each idea marketed, for the life of that idea.
Anyone interested in investing should know that my ideas have a wide range of fields, from novelties and household goods to outdoor equipment and electronics. You should also know that the first idea I have in mind to market, if presented to the right company in the right way, should net between ten and twenty million dollars just by showing them the prototype.
I thank you for your help,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Robin is webmaster

Robin Goettsch is now the iig webmaster. If you have any items to include on the website -send a note to Thanks Robin

Innovation Roadshow

The Innovation Roadshow was a huge success. We had 24 inventors there for the workshop. Ken Bloemer did a terrific job in explaining the new innovative way to bring our ideas to life and to the market. The Iowa Inventors Group thanks Planet Eureka for sending him and helping us.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Innovation Roadshow deadline

Hurry and get your application in for the Innovation Roadshow. Only taking 25 applicants until Oct 2

Friday, September 18, 2009

Innovation Roadshow Workshop

IIG is proud to present the Innovation Roadshow workshop to the inventors of Cedar Rapids.
See our website and tab about the IRW on our site for all the details

Participant Benefits & Obligations
Benefits of an Innovation Roadshow Workshop
An Innovation Roadshow Workshop (IRW) is a full day workshop designed to help inventors from all walks of life:
• Clearly articulate their ideas in language that excites business buyers, licensees, investors,
distributors, manufacturers, etc (collectively referred to as “buyers”)
• Create a Market Research Report that provides an annual sales forecast, development &
protection status, probability of success, fair market royalty & more
• Make connections with buyers automatically, through the NIST/MEP Network and by proactively sending their Market Research Report to target buyers

The first part of the IRW is spent in a highly interactive & educational workshop facilitated by an
expert instructor where inventors learn the keys to success. In the afternoon inventors go online to the USA National Innovation Marketplace - - and submit their inventions for processing.
Submissions are then sent to Merwyn Research Incorporated where they are checked for obvious errors, the concepts rated on 50 separate dimensions by five professional raters and processed by an expert computer system. Then over 2,000,000 calculations are done to produce the Report.
Within seven days the report is published to the USA National Innovation Marketplace.
The value of this service is $2000 which is fully funded by the US Department of Commerce.