Friday, September 18, 2009

Innovation Roadshow Workshop

IIG is proud to present the Innovation Roadshow workshop to the inventors of Cedar Rapids.
See our website and tab about the IRW on our site for all the details

Participant Benefits & Obligations
Benefits of an Innovation Roadshow Workshop
An Innovation Roadshow Workshop (IRW) is a full day workshop designed to help inventors from all walks of life:
• Clearly articulate their ideas in language that excites business buyers, licensees, investors,
distributors, manufacturers, etc (collectively referred to as “buyers”)
• Create a Market Research Report that provides an annual sales forecast, development &
protection status, probability of success, fair market royalty & more
• Make connections with buyers automatically, through the NIST/MEP Network and by proactively sending their Market Research Report to target buyers

The first part of the IRW is spent in a highly interactive & educational workshop facilitated by an
expert instructor where inventors learn the keys to success. In the afternoon inventors go online to the USA National Innovation Marketplace - - and submit their inventions for processing.
Submissions are then sent to Merwyn Research Incorporated where they are checked for obvious errors, the concepts rated on 50 separate dimensions by five professional raters and processed by an expert computer system. Then over 2,000,000 calculations are done to produce the Report.
Within seven days the report is published to the USA National Innovation Marketplace.
The value of this service is $2000 which is fully funded by the US Department of Commerce.

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Klink said...


Excellent job on the "Roadshow"! What a great experience! Thanks for all of the hard work. If I am leaving anyone else out (Tom?), thanks to you, too!